15 June 2016

Job Secured! :)

Since my last post something major happened...

I got a job!

In May I was interviewing with two companies, a new Ruby software house in St Annes Square and a prestigious digital agency based in the northern quarter that writes mainly in Python.

After a few interviews with each, the former offered me a job... The two gents that run the show were happy with the test I submitted to them & wanted me to come and work for their company. I couldn't believe it, after just two months of graduation I had been offered a job! I was over the moon to say the least! The other company also called me in for a final interview where they usually make an offer. However I decided to stick with Ruby & go with the first guys, they follow all the best practices in terms of TDD, BDD as well as daily stand-ups etc. Which is something I felt wasn't quite there yet in the Python community... I'll also be able to ask two very experienced developers for guidance whenever I get stuck which was another must for me. I see myself at the bottom of a very steep hill & these next 3-5 years are all about trying to learn as much as possible!

So here I am, a Junior Software Engineer at Createk.io. 9 or so months ago I had hardly even touched a line of code, let alone think I could turn it into a career. With the help of Makers Academy, a lot of hard work and a few 14 hour days. I have done it. My journey is just beginning as a software engineer & I still have an unlimited amount to learn. Already there hasn't been a day yet at my new job where I havn't felt out of depth & I think thats something i'm going to have to get used to! It's amazing to work in a place that stretches me, as well as offers me the chance to learn something new every day. I work in an amazing enviroment, my days fly-by & I still can't believe I actually get paid to code!

So there you go, it's totally possible, even though some told me it wouldn't be ;). I'm still grinning ear to ear.