02 April 2016

Week 09 & 10

I Suck At Blogging...

Week 09 was when I last updated my blog & I guess this is due to how intense the course got. I feel bad but at the same time I was so busy the thought of blogging didn't even cross my mind...

I spent week 09 working on a Rails & Angular version of AirBnb as part of an Agile Team. The whole purpose of re-visiting the week 06 brief was so that we could get practice working with the full-stack. We kind of got left to our own devices, people either built a Rails app with an Angular.js front end or a complete Angular.js app pulling through a Rails API. We did the former.

Week 10 & 11 were spent on our final project. The first half of week 10 were spent on a design sprint. We followed google's example and refined our idea & the ways in which we wanted to design our app. Mid-week we did a bit of prototyping using a few different technologies before settling on swift with a firebase database. Our was a geolocated social media app that allows users to post moments using emojis onto a map background. Using Firebase wouldalso allow our app to live-update.

TDD in Swift is hard! Especially feature testing. We didn't use TDD in our spike and so when it came to building the app we struggled to get our heads around the testing frameworks that are supplied with XCode. This was just one of the hurdles to get around. None of us had any previous Swift or XCode experience & so we pretty much had to figure it out whilst we went!

Maker's Academy emphasises the importance of design patterns from the get-go. Another problem we found was extracting logic in our Swift app. Refactoring was a constant pain & Classes were not extracted as easily as they had in Ruby.

In the end we managed to build a fully functional IOS App something that 3 months ago I probably couldnt have done in a year let alone 10 days. If you wanna check it out its on my github! Everyone I have shown the app to really liked the idea & the team I worked with are still keen to work on the app. So thats the plan!