28 January 2016

Week 02 2/3

Wednesday of this week was a chance for me to go over the current oyster-card system we are building. The person I was pairing with was a few challenges behind myself so it was a really good opportunity to be able to go back and explain this weeks concepts. Yesterday I carried on learning about the SOLID acronym which is a set of guidelines software developers should follow. It stands for...

Single Responsibility Principle.

Open/Closed Principle

Liskov Substitution Principle.

Interface segregation.

Dependency Inversion Principle.

We are still working our way through these this week and hopefully soon I'll have a good grasp of all of them...

I am still writing my Oystercard program using test-driven methods, heres what it looks like so far... This is just a small chunk of it.

And here is my spec file that tests the program does what it should...

Here is RSpec passing my tests.... 😍

Thats pretty much it for yesterday. Im just about to start day 8 and already it feels like the course is flying by! Im finding it had to learn all these new techniques but it's awesome at the same time!

Don't forget...