27 January 2016

Week 02 1/3

Well week 1 was a crazy experience, & this weekend was no different. Never would I have thought that I would have been capable to write an airport program in Ruby that lands planes, takes them off, accounts for weather and airport capacity etc. I'm blown away that I even managed to get the job done.

Im learning more every day and this week the first day consisted of refactoring my airport's code just to follow some guidelines & keep it a bit neater, then by the afternoon we had worked our way on the new challenge which was to design an Oystercard program that takes into account journeys & costs etc. Tuesday I was back pairing again just working my way through the Oystercard with others and I have a few more sections to do yet. But my grasp on the language is getting better and I feel like I am progressing at an incredible rate!