19 January 2016

Week 01 1/2

So the full-time course is here! It started yesterday at 9am and ran till about 5pm. The day mainly covered all the practices Makers have in place. Codes of conduct etc etc.

We touched on 'Extreme Programming' which is what the whole of the Maker's experience is based on. Makers will be weary about working with possible employers unless they practice 'Extreme Programming' themselves.

We then went over the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship or "Craftspersonship" to be politically correct. Its a set of guidelines that most decent programmers should adhere to! (See Below)...

I've just finished Day 2 and it's already gotten a lot harder. We are working through an exercise building a Boris Bikes program. Its essentially a software rebuild of Londons' Santander Cycle scheme that takes into account all the current cycles out on hire. Repairs etc etc.

Started building it today with another chap on the course. He seemed to work at a faster pace than me which was cool. It ran smoothly until the last challenge we did, which was to implement a system so that the cycle docks know how many bikes they currently have, and when a new bike is docked it's added to the total. I got stuck adding an rspec test that took an argument. Didn't quite get the syntax so I'm going to go over it after dinner.

All in all though its pretty good! Its VERY full-on! and I can't see myself getting much sleep over the next 11 weeks, but apart from that it's excellent!