12 January 2016

Precourse Week 03

Week 3 is done. The whole week was based on furthering our Ruby knowledge. I had already read up-to chapter 8 of Chris Pine's 'Learn to Program' and the whole of last week was spent finishing up-to chapter 14.

This went hand-in-hand with some ridiculously hard exercises which we needed to complete. We had been given R Spec tests to run alongside each answer to check we were on the right track.

Above one of my programs dictionary_sort is passing its RSpec test!

One thing that is starting to become apparent is that you spend a lot of your time failing. We were told to spend no longer than an hour on each exercise, and if we struggled to check the solution and move on. However you tend to wind up getting so frustrated you spend 4 hours trying to tackle the exercise, something I obviously need to work on.

Maker's teached 'Test Driven Development' from the get-go. As I'm writing this blog they have already sent this week's work which is based on TDD. By using TDD it is believed you become a better developer as your code becomes much simpler yet effective. It is also one of the method's heavily used in todays tech industry.

Onto the last week of the pre-course now before the full-time course starts on Monday!