15 December 2015

Precourse Week 01

Before Ronin starts full-time students are subject to a 4 week precourse to get them upto speed! This is how week 1 went for me...

1st week down, 15 to go. Started off the week getting to grips with the command line, I had a bit of previous knowledge with it but about 20 minutes in I was out of my depth.

Anyway, I think i've got the hang out it. So I can now navigate round my machine the proper way :) Creating directories, changing permissions, searching for files all that sort of stuff. I managed to get the weekend challenge for it polished off pretty early and then it was onto the Git stuff.

The latter part of the week was spent learning about Git which is a piece of Version Control software that allows you to save changes to a project whilst testing different scenarios. Sort of like a time-machine for developers. You can then "push" your changes up to Github.com which is kind of like a facebook/linkedin/dropbox designed to allows people to work on each others code!

Overall it's been a pretty interesting start. I've spent about 3 days studing full time and part time thursday through to sunday.

This week we are back to coding with ruby, and i'm currently working through a bunch of rspec tests. I think this week its more than likely we'll be able to start pair-programming which should be good.

Here's to week 2!